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New music, Cowboy Serenade, available now!


New CD Release!!

Howdy Friends,
Welcome to Cowboy Serenade! I hope you all enjoy the Cowboy Songs and the Old Time Fiddle Music. Cowboy Music is the purest genre of Americana Music. This collection of songs are some of my favorites.

I want to dedicate this CD in memory of some of my heroes that have passed away to the Big Ranch in the Sky aka Cowboy Heaven. This project is dedicated in memory of Buck Ramsey, Guy Gillette, Poodie Locke, my father "Daddy Wayne" Wood and Alan (Sharp the Harp) Wachsman. Special thanks to God, my mother Betty Wood, and all of my friends and family.

K.R. Wood


Purchase your copy of Cowboy Serenade here!


Cowboy Serenade cd cover collage